JACT PC App - User Guide

1. Overview

Version 1.1.0 
Windows 10 Support
Simplified Interface
Bug Fixes

Play with Purpose and earn JACT Points for every minute you play one of our supported PC games.  The JACT App is super easy to setup and use.


The JACT PC app

2. Create account and install

Register your account, download the JACT PC app, and install. View details about each feature below.

Logged in User Currently logged in user, click to switch
Activity Light Current game play status - green when active (earning points), red when inactive (not earning points)
Game Status Either "No Game Started," "Active," "Inactive" or "Idle"
Dynamic Content Used for special deals, gamer updates, and targeted content
Session Point Total Number of JACT points earned in the app since last login
Point Refresh Button Manual refresh of earned points to JACT servers
Launched Game Displays the currently launched game
PC app at a glance

3. Play your games and earn JACT points

Log into the app and it will refresh our latest games list for you. Then simply launch your game as you normally do and watch the points rack up.

Earning points with JACT