Release Notes

Release Notes – JACT PC App

JACT PC App (Eamonn) 1.1.0

The JACT team would like to announce the release of our PC App (Eamonn) 1.1.0.


This release aims to simplify the user interface, improve usability, increase performance, and pave the way for a multi screen gaming experience when used together with our Mobile app. 

  • Simplified user experience - One screen size, larger dynamic content area, simpler menu options
  • Automated Game List: The JACT PC App now supports all our games out of the box with no online game list management required
  • Removed In-Game display to ensure more games can be supported with less system resources

We hope you enjoy using the JACT PC App! If you have any questions, please contact us
Looking for more information? Try our detailed User Guide