Why is the JACT App not detecting my game?

**NOTE** - The JACT App does not currently support games app's from the Windows App Store.   Full game clients must be used.  We hope to resolve this in the future.

Please try the following before contacting JACT support:

1. Ensure your game is on our Supported Games page.
2. Make sure you have the latest version of the JACT PC App (older versions may require a complete uninstall).
3. Update your game list in the JACT PC App (Tools->Refresh App Game List).
4. Try running the JACT App as Administrator (by right-clicking).
5. Make sure you are not running the JACT App in Windows compatibility mode.
6. Check if your game is running an anti-cheat service such as PunkBuster, Battle Eye, etc. - we usually see this for mulitplayer games.  If your game is running anti-cheat there us nothing we can do because they block us out too!  Please feel free to let us know the game and the anti-cheat so we can update the game page.

If the game is still not detecting - run a diagnotic under the tools menu in the JACT App with the game running and please visit our Contact page and be sure to choose "Game Support" as your category.  Please let us know you ran the diagnositc so we can get you earning Points! 

The following information is REQUIRED TO RECIEVE SUPPORT -

  • Game title in the subject
  • Username
  • Operating System
  • Date/Time of diagnostic 
  • Last time game was patched (NOT REQUIRED but helpful if the game was detecting before a patch)

**NOTE** The JACT Diagnositic will NOT fix your issue - it just sends us the information to allow us you help you out.  Please only run it once with the game running and let us know!