How do I earn JACT points from Referrals?

Welcome to the JACT Referral Program. For each new friend referred to, you will both receive a 1000 JACT Point bonus once your friend earns their first 1000 points. After that, YOU WILL EARN A 10% BONUS ON ALL YOUR FRIEND'S POINTS FOR LIFE! To check the status of any referral- simply visit the top right user menu and choose "Referrals". To check on individual point awards, go to the "Points" tab of your user profile page.

The earnings eligible for the 10% referral program include anything from our Earn section or points earned while gaming with the JACT PC App. Every earn on a mobile app contributes too.

You will continue to earn 10% for as long as your referral is active on, with no maximum limit.

Categories that do not count towards the 10% bonus awards: Sign-up bonus, Referral Bonus, JACT admin gifted points; others may be added.