How can JACT possibly be Free to all gamers? What's the business model?

How can I trust that JACT can offer FREE rewards to gamers just by playing games they already play or watching videos they already watch??

The answer is easy (but getting it right is not!):
Instead of paying for expensive advertising that does not work- sponsors can provide JACT with their own products (rewards) in return for our targeted advertising and marketing feedback about their products. We are like virtual booths at a never-ending gamer event.

Our marketing value is provided by:
- General gaming data from our PC app and Mobile app (We do NOT collect unauthorized data from our users in any way/shape/form!)
- Referrals from discounted products or services our gamers purchase
- Survey answers gamers submit after watching videos
- Product feedback/testimonials We also make money from general advertising on our web site.

We strive to keep any additional advertising simple and clean for the best user experience out there. As gamers ourselves, we will settle for nothing less than providing the best Rewards program on the web. We are a very small and hardworking team trying to build something better for all gamers. Welcome to JACT.