Can you explain how Auctions work and what the rules are?

Auctions are a new and exciting feature release from JACT. They allow our community to place direct point bids on Rewards, with the highest bidder winning the Reward directly! Click on the "Latest Bids" tab to see the bidding activity for each auction.

Current Auction Rules for our Beta release (as of 03/06/2017):

1. You can only enter one auction at a time (looking to expand this in future releases)
2. Bids cannot be edited or deleted once placed
3. Points bid are unavailable to spend on other rewards until the auction has ended (even if you are not currently winning)
4. User with the winning bid will have the order automatically placed in their cart, and must complete the order within 24 hours or the winning bid points AND the Reward will be forfeited
5. Our servers will process the bids automatically, but JACT is not responsible for any page refresh issues or problems with last minute increased bid activity that may affect the final winning bid
6. If you do not win the Auction, all of your losing bid points will be refunded after it ends
7. You must in increments of 10 points (10,20,30,100,500, etc.) Max single bid is 1000. No limit on the final bid amount.