Can you explain the different Reward types?

JACT members can redeem a few different types of Rewards:

1. Prize Drawings - each ticket costs 10 JACT points and gives you one chance to win the Reward. Purchase as many as you'd like. Example: 200 points gets you 20 tickets.
2. Buy it Now (currently U.S. only) - use both JACT Points and pay the remaining balance (payable via PayPal or Credit Card) to redeem the Reward directly
3. Points only Rewards (currently U.S. only) - use JACT points to redeem the Reward directly. 

If you live outside of the U.S. - choose the Delivery Type "Digital" to see all rewards that can be emailed to anyone around the globe! Address is still required on digital rewards for customer verification.

Shipping time for all physical Rewards is typically 3 business days (or less).

*You can filter your view of each Reward type using the drop down menus at the top of our Rewards page