Frequently Asked Questions

JACT is a FREE premier membership rewards program for gamers. Earn points while you play your favorite PC games, watch entertaining videos, share your feedback and shop for great deals. Redeem points for a variety of rewards including Xbox Live and PlayStation Gift cards, PC Games, pizza, live event tickets, and much more! JACT has already shipped thousands of rewards and our gamers have racked up over a million hours of game play time.

Play with Purpose...Get JACT! Join for Free today.


For more information please visit our How JACT Works page.

JACT members can redeem a few different types of Rewards:

1. Prize Drawings - each ticket costs 10 JACT points and gives you one chance to win the Reward. Purchase as many as you'd like. Example: 200 points gets you 20 tickets.
2. Buy it Now (currently U.S. only) - use both JACT Points and pay the remaining balance (payable via PayPal or Credit Card) to redeem the Reward directly
3. Points only Rewards (currently U.S. only) - use JACT points to redeem the Reward directly. 

If you live outside of the U.S. - choose the Delivery Type "Digital" to see all rewards that can be emailed to anyone around the globe! Address is still required on digital rewards for customer verification.

Shipping time for all physical Rewards is typically 3 business days (or less).

*You can filter your view of each Reward type using the drop down menus at the top of our Rewards page

Auctions are a new and exciting feature release from JACT. They allow our community to place direct point bids on Rewards, with the highest bidder winning the Reward directly! Click on the "Latest Bids" tab to see the bidding activity for each auction.

Current Auction Rules for our Beta release (as of 03/06/2017):

1. You can only enter one auction at a time (looking to expand this in future releases)
2. Bids cannot be edited or deleted once placed
3. Points bid are unavailable to spend on other rewards until the auction has ended (even if you are not currently winning)
4. User with the winning bid will have the order automatically placed in their cart, and must complete the order within 24 hours or the winning bid points AND the Reward will be forfeited
5. Our servers will process the bids automatically, but JACT is not responsible for any page refresh issues or problems with last minute increased bid activity that may affect the final winning bid
6. If you do not win the Auction, all of your losing bid points will be refunded after it ends
7. You must in increments of 10 points (10,20,30,100,500, etc.) Max single bid is 1000. No limit on the final bid amount.

To participate in Prize Drawings, you can purchase as many tickets as you'd like for each specific drawing using your points. Once you have purchased tickets, you are automatically entered into that drawing.

Winners are drawn randomly from all eligible ticket entries, your odds of winning depends upon the number of total entries.

If you win a prize drawing, we will send you an email.  

We also post winners here:

1) Facebook:
2) Twitter: @getjact
3) All winners list:

Expect delivery of your Reward in 5-7 business days.

Note: You can also check the "My Prize Drawings" tab of your Account page to see if you have won. 

Welcome to the JACT Referral Program. For each new friend referred to, you will both receive a 1000 JACT Point bonus once your friend earns their first 1000 points. After that, YOU WILL EARN A 10% BONUS ON ALL YOUR FRIEND'S POINTS FOR LIFE! To check the status of any referral- simply visit the top right user menu and choose "Referrals". To check on individual point awards, go to the "Points" tab of your user profile page.

The earnings eligible for the 10% referral program include anything from our Earn section or points earned while gaming with the JACT PC App. Every earn on a mobile app contributes too.

You will continue to earn 10% for as long as your referral is active on, with no maximum limit.

Categories that do not count towards the 10% bonus awards: Sign-up bonus, Referral Bonus, JACT admin gifted points; others may be added.

You earn JACT Gold from any direct (non gold discounted) "Buy it Now" purchases, or in special cases by promoting JACT or just staying active. It can be used just like PayPal or a credit card on any of the rewards in our "Buy it Now" category. You can apply as little or as much gold as you want, up to the full price of an item.

Note: JACT Gold is currently available for U.S. users only. 

To apply JACT Gold to a purchase:

1. Simply add a reward to your cart
2. Click proceed to checkout
3. On the checkout screen you can apply any amount of available Gold
4. If you have a remaining balance, that can be paid with PayPal or a credit card
5. You may choose to purchase more Gold to complete your transaction (Gold can be gifted to you from a parent or friend at any time)

To learn more, watch the video below.

JACT is now offering email delivery of digital gifts and game cards. Digital Rewards are available to all countries throughout the globe.  

We offer digital rewards like Steam wallet codes, Skype credits, iTunes gift cards, PlayStation network cards, PSN cards, Xbox Live cards, World of Warcraft subscriptions, and many more.

View all digital rewards here

Please Note: At this time, Rewards that require shipping are only available in the U.S.A.

All digital JACT Rewards can be sent directly to an email address. Physical rewards must currently be shipped to a valid U.S. address. We process all completed orders within 24 hours and offer FREE 2 day shipping on most rewards (unless otherwise noted). Please ensure your address is correct before placing an order, or you may be charged a fee to reship a returned reward.

**NOTE** - The JACT App does not currently support games app's from the Windows App Store.   Full game clients must be used.  We hope to resolve this in the future.

Please try the following before contacting JACT support:

1. Ensure your game is on our Supported Games page.
2. Make sure you have the latest version of the JACT PC App (older versions may require a complete uninstall).
3. Update your game list in the JACT PC App (Tools->Refresh App Game List).
4. Try running the JACT App as Administrator (by right-clicking).
5. Make sure you are not running the JACT App in Windows compatibility mode.
6. Check if your game is running an anti-cheat service such as PunkBuster, Battle Eye, etc. - we usually see this for mulitplayer games.  If your game is running anti-cheat there us nothing we can do because they block us out too!  Please feel free to let us know the game and the anti-cheat so we can update the game page.

If the game is still not detecting - run a diagnotic under the tools menu in the JACT App with the game running and please visit our Contact page and be sure to choose "Game Support" as your category.  Please let us know you ran the diagnositc so we can get you earning Points! 

The following information is REQUIRED TO RECIEVE SUPPORT -

  • Game title in the subject
  • Username
  • Operating System
  • Date/Time of diagnostic 
  • Last time game was patched (NOT REQUIRED but helpful if the game was detecting before a patch)

**NOTE** The JACT Diagnositic will NOT fix your issue - it just sends us the information to allow us you help you out.  Please only run it once with the game running and let us know!

Please try the following before contacting JACT support:

1. Check that you can log into the JACT website (if you cannot, Request a New Password )
2. If you can log in, change your password (choose the Edit tab on your account profile page, update, and be sure to click Save). This will force a password synch with the JACT PC App and you should now be able to log in
3. Use all LOWERCASE letters for your username even if you have caps.

If you still cannot log into the JACT PC App - please visit our Contact Us page and be sure to choose "Login/Account Issue" as your category.

Nothing! Membership and usage of, our PC App, and our Mobile App is absolutely free. Some rewards are discounted and require PayPal or a Credit to pay the remaining balance, while others can be redeemed with JACT points only.

JACT members can Earn points at home or on the go using a PC, Mobile, or Tablet device.

1. To earn points while playing PC Games, download the JACT PC App for Windows 7,8, or 10
2. To earn points on the web watching videos, visit our Earn page
3. To earn points on your Android phone watching videos, download the JACT Mobile app

*iOS and Mac operating systems are currently not supported.

 JACT members can Earn points at home or on the go using a PC, Mobile, or Tablet device.

1. To earn points while playing PC Games (for every minute you play), download the JACT PC App
2. To earn points on the web watching videos, visit our Earn page 
3. To earn points on your Android phone watching videos, download the JACT Mobile app

*iOS and Mac operating systems are currently not supported.

Please visit our Rewards section, where you can redeem your JACT points.

We offer a wide selection of rewards including Amazon and iTunes gift cards, Minecraft gear, Xbox Live and PlayStation gift codes, PC Games, pizza, live event tickets, and much more!

JACT has already shipped thousands of rewards and our gamers have racked up over a million hours of game play time.

How can I trust that JACT can offer FREE rewards to gamers just by playing games they already play or watching videos they already watch??

The answer is easy (but getting it right is not!):
Instead of paying for expensive advertising that does not work- sponsors can provide JACT with their own products (rewards) in return for our targeted advertising and marketing feedback about their products. We are like virtual booths at a never-ending gamer event.

Our marketing value is provided by:
- General gaming data from our PC app and Mobile app (We do NOT collect unauthorized data from our users in any way/shape/form!)
- Referrals from discounted products or services our gamers purchase
- Survey answers gamers submit after watching videos
- Product feedback/testimonials We also make money from general advertising on our web site.

We strive to keep any additional advertising simple and clean for the best user experience out there. As gamers ourselves, we will settle for nothing less than providing the best Rewards program on the web. We are a very small and hardworking team trying to build something better for all gamers. Welcome to JACT.

Processing of all Rewards is done within 24 hours. You can view the status of your orders (including Prize Drawings) any time in the orders section of your account.

Digital Rewards are delivered via email within 48 hours of processing.

We offer FREE two day shipping after the order has been processed!
Note: If 2 day shipping is not available, the reward description will list the additional ship time directly.

We offer three ways to get help:
Visit our How it Works page
Read our FAQ
If the first two options have not answered your question, you can Contact Us

Make sure with League of Legends you are actually in a MATCH. Being in the League of Legends Launcher will NOT detect the game, this includes drafting. Also LoL can be running at higher privilege - so try to run the JACT App as an administrator by right-clicking on the JACT icon. If all else fails - run a diagnostic with the game running (in match) and contact us.

Our latest version (1.1.0) released April 6th, 2016 supports Windows 7,8,and 10.

For more information visit the PC App User Guide page

If your reward order status is still pending, you can cancel the order for a refund of your points.

However, once your reward claim status has been changed to processed or approved, we can no longer cancel and refund your points.

We do not accept exchanges for processed rewards.

To update any account information such as email, password, notifications, or address, please visit your Account page.

Yes- you only need to register one account to earn Rewards on, the JACT PC App, and the JACT Mobile App.

If you decide you no longer want to earn JACT Rewards by simply doing the things you love, you can cancel your account by following these steps:

1. Visit your account page, Click Edit-->Cancel
2. Check your email and use the cancellation link within 24 hours
3. Cancelled accounts will have available balance set to zero, access removed from all JACT services, and be removed from future communications