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Posted: 07/09/17
"Very happy and surprised when I won! Its awesome, the jact team is legit, and really fast shipping too! I already got my friend into it." - KevPeck
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Posted: 07/09/17
"First redemption.. very exciting and surprisingly simple - strongly recommend to even casual gamers. Seriously, nothing to lose" - funkyprogrammer
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Posted: 07/09/17
"Although I have not received the gold yet I have an email saying that I won and the recent winners page says I won, so I think this was a good investment." - Quebipher
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Posted: 07/06/17
"To be completely honest, I forgot all about having entered this until my prize turned up in the mail. A pleasant surprise, nonetheless!" - ZaKattacker
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Posted: 07/06/17
"First time winning something " - PewNedas
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Posted: 07/06/17
"This award was amazing. I was able to use it the same day i won it." - GitRektNubs
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Posted: 07/04/17
"It was nice getting it instantly and efficiently" - Sharksfishies
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Posted: 07/03/17
"I can't believe I've actually won this, at first I thought this was just for the best of the best but now I see everyone has a chance, thank you jact for this opportunity, this will help me with YouTube and I will mention you in my first video, thanks" - Sharksfishies
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Posted: 07/01/17
"Wonderful sound and great connection all through the house 10/10 would buy again." - AnPopsicle
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Posted: 07/01/17
"I was surprised I won something and found it at my door two days later. All you have to do to win is to just play, its a win win. I'm glad I joined JACT." - Aries
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Posted: 06/30/17
"Just won the auction last night and they sent me the digital code this morning this is awesome. First time I've won and it was great. Thanks Jact!" - lothorius
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Posted: 06/28/17
"Thanks you JACT team for the awesome site/app you made!! You are great!!" - Krazko
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Posted: 06/27/17
"love it" - SH4D0W_KING
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Posted: 06/27/17
"Actually got the WoW time" - Serketh
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Posted: 06/25/17
"·︻̷̿┻̿═━一. sniper" - Darg
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Posted: 06/17/17
"Very fast it came" - ashben
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Posted: 06/17/17
"I was watching some cool movie trailers and I made a lot of points, I bid some on an auction. I also saw a GameBattles 1 month premium card, I frequently use GameBattles and it was just a few JACT points! I received the card very fast and I'm very happy! The card actually worked, I though this was a scam! 10/10 :D" - DBRGaming
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Posted: 06/14/17
"This is the first item i've ever gotten from JACT and I have to say I was quite excited. The delivery time was fast and when I received my item, it worked like a charm!" - snipebp
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Posted: 06/09/17
"This is my third time trying to win and I actually won! " - mickeymousefan
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Posted: 06/08/17
"It is amazing " - Dack