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Posted: 11/07/17
"Aha, can't believe I actually won! Thanks for this free copy of Minecraft JACT!!" - Zmwvihlm
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Posted: 10/13/17
"The mouse came in the mail in just 2 days, I would recommend people using this site, it is free, fast, and easy. " - Iceweaver
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Posted: 10/07/17
"I won a mousepad that i think was in a drawing. I am really enjoying my prize. One recommendation i have is to add a little more information on the package as until i logged on today i never knew where it came from. I love JACT and will continue to use it in the future." - YoniDaMan
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Posted: 10/06/17
"Jact is awesome, play your favorite games and earn points. I didn't even know that I won till I got the game in the mail." - CrazyA
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Posted: 09/27/17
"The headset showed up in the mail one day and I thought to myself "what's this and where did it come from?" Then I remembered I entered one of the raffles with my points and, what do you know, I won. The headset is of pretty good quality as well, sounds good, comfortable on the head, easy to set up, and having the breakout cable to separate stereo audio from the mic in case your system has mic and stereo audio on different ports is a very nice inclusion. Definitely worth signing up for and spending time on Jact." - MrDSir
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Posted: 09/05/17
"Got a cool gaming headset by earning points!" - Homieivan
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Posted: 09/01/17
"Won this, and recieved in less than 3 days. That is awesome!" - JukanX
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Posted: 08/25/17
"Well dang, I got the prize. Thanks, JACT. " - infernowizard1031
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Posted: 08/25/17
"For the longest time, I did not think this site was legit. Then I finally won an auction and just redeemed my RP card. Thanks JACT!" - eviljordan
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Posted: 08/22/17
"I love jact soooooooo much <3" - JactUser420BlazeIt
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Posted: 08/16/17
"Thanks you JACT for this amazing prize :D #PlayWithPurpose" - Alekz554
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Posted: 08/06/17
"This program is great its so easy to earn things just by playing your favorite game :)) <3" - michaeldma
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Posted: 08/06/17
"Pretty good odds for using my points on entries into the drawing as opposed to purchasing." - NitemareJester
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Posted: 08/02/17
"It came quickly after I bought it and was free!!! " - themeowmeowcat
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Posted: 07/31/17
"I have been using JACT for years now, and I swear, I will never go back! Nothing beats winning prizes just for playing video games!" - m0ose
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Posted: 07/31/17
"I am really happy that I won." - TSSSNIPES
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Posted: 07/28/17
"Even though I don't have an US Account I still can sell this buddy and make some money, just for playing video-games!" - GuestExtreme
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Posted: 07/24/17
"Using Jact is like earning money online for playing video games. Its amazing." - Dack
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Posted: 07/23/17
"I was surprised to see I won this! Thanks for being awesome Jact!" - Grimsilver
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Posted: 07/22/17
"Thank you JACT. Good gaming community, Great concept, Excellent win! " - Tazman-NBK-