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Posted: 02/21/17
"I was so glad to earn this mouse! When it came to my doorstep, I was so surprised! Anyway the mouse was color changing which is really cool. It has many cool buttons unlike my old mouse like back, forward, etc." - Vader3
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Posted: 02/21/17
"It was really easy!" - oil_and_bleach
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Posted: 01/22/17
"Very nice, thanks!" - Rumuniasty
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Posted: 01/22/17
"Great!" - Mzxfreak
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Posted: 01/20/17
"Was usable immediately and was given immediately!" - Fantasygods
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Posted: 01/19/17
"Came really quick and it was delicious." - FuryOfElements
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Posted: 01/15/17
"My third attempt at winning something and I actually won. My Reaper came in secure and in the original packaging within 3 days and now sits on top of my PC tower case, judging me as I play KF2." - playoff472
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Posted: 01/12/17
"Omg it was amazing- but I ate it really fast. Can't wait to win more in the future. I'm still happy i won them!" - nerfmen67
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Posted: 01/09/17
"It actually works. 10/10 dolphins." - herokid244
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Posted: 01/07/17
"I got this as a Christmas gift for my friend/stepbrother and didn't expect to win, and whaddya know I won so yey!" - Slasherthesandshrew
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Posted: 01/06/17
"Beast mouse pad =D" - azura
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Posted: 01/05/17
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Posted: 01/01/17
"Easy to set up, easy to navigate, and the gift card came quickly." - elimunning
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Posted: 01/01/17
"Awesome." - Soloplayer
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Posted: 12/31/16
"i put some points into it not expecting to win but then I WON and it tastes amazing. " - nerfmen67
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Posted: 12/29/16
"It's like getting paid to play video games. I love it." - snowcloud
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Posted: 12/28/16
"I figured this was another scam thing just for ad revenue, but I actually received my game. It's pretty neat." - Greenacorns
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Posted: 12/28/16
"At first i thought this site might be a scam but after winning and getting the headset in perfect condition I am thinking otherwise. " - ifte50
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Posted: 12/17/16
"Wasn't expecting to win twice, but with a frequent gamer its easy to get points." - gunmaster454
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Posted: 12/16/16
"Great action figure I got for a friend..." - InsanePandaBaby