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Posted: 03/14/17
"Not really sure what a Testimonial is, but if it has to do with a rating, then here we go. JACT is a cool site. I find it very nice that people are rewarding others for playing games. Not absolutely sure what JACT gets out of it for the most part, but that doesn't really matter much to me. Anyways, really good site, and nice prizes too." - trickyjet6843
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Posted: 03/12/17
"Never tried beef jerky and surprisingly.... it tastes good. " - Kishin
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Posted: 03/12/17
"First time I won a prize, it really works... Awesome!" - Kishin
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Posted: 03/10/17
"Glad i won!" - TheApex
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Posted: 03/06/17
"I have applied for quite a few of the drawings, just hoping I would win one. I won the 1000 Gold JACT points and am very happy. Looking to maybe purchase breath of the wild with the JACT gold to take down some of the payment on the game!" - Dr_GummyBear_PhD
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Posted: 02/27/17
"First try and I actually won! Prize came directly to my email in less than a week!" - kingchecker23
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Posted: 02/26/17
"It is amazing! Thank you so much! I didn't see my message that I won! And I still don't see it! I saw on Twitter and then on email! Thank you!" - Pengil
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Posted: 02/21/17
"I was so glad to earn this mouse! When it came to my doorstep, I was so surprised! Anyway the mouse was color changing which is really cool. It has many cool buttons unlike my old mouse like back, forward, etc." - Vader3
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Posted: 02/21/17
"It was really easy!" - oil_and_bleach
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Posted: 02/21/17
"It is always exciting when I pick a prize to try and win. This time I won!" - AdmiralHawkes
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Posted: 02/20/17
"Very great, Used my gift card for a Birthday present, It came in quick and I got it in time. " - themeowmeowcat
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Posted: 02/19/17
"WOW!!! Can't believe I actually won something like this, just showed up in the mail. No hassle, no tricks." - Plaid-adin
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Posted: 02/19/17
"This was a nice little surprise! First thing I've won from Jact, really sealed the deal for me." - Plaid-adin
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Posted: 02/17/17
"WOW. I cant believe it. $300!!!!" - mangawolf
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Posted: 02/10/17
"I can't believe this actually worked. Fast shipping, and in perfect condition. Would recommend to a friend no doubt!" - Roffieee
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Posted: 02/10/17
"I knew that JACT worked, my friend that invited me to JACT had already won a keyboard and mouse. So I decided to put points into Raffles whenever I had enough. I play League of Legends anyway so why not get free points and possibly free things. I finally won something on JACT after I think about a month of being a member and I can still win many more things. You can get free things out of gaming I now know that JACT is 100% percent legit and would recommend it to anyone that plays games that are supported by JACT. Thanks for the free stuff and good luck to anyone new to JACT, you will win something eventually!!! " - TheTopHatTrex
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Posted: 02/09/17
"Arrived in 2 days, no damage. and FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" - McCree
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Posted: 02/09/17
"I am pleased with my purchase from JACT, I would have rated 5 out of 5 stars but the only problem that I had was that the box that it came in was bent and broken which could have been the mail that did it but that was my only small complaint about the purchase. I like to keep the Pop products in the boxes or it wouldn't have been an issue at all." - Muirist70
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Posted: 02/05/17
"I still can't believe I won, this is my dream headset! :) Thanks JACT!!" - vitamingem
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Posted: 01/30/17
"This site is amazing! I totally trust in JACT #PlayWithPurpose" - Alekz554