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Posted: 04/15/17
"Nice, I got something for doing what I'm doing anyways. Thx to the JACT Team, it worked all fine and fast ^^" - Murasame
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Posted: 04/14/17
"I was going through my emails, passing through spam and misc. messages, when I came by an email seeing that I won. I got so excited, my heart leaped when I found it! Totally going to keep using JACT." - GoldenCrow29
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Posted: 04/13/17
"I mean you don't really lose anything from trying this site. I don't see why you shouldn't try it. Shipped quickly, and no damage. Unboxing: Thanks JACT!" - ViolentBoo
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Posted: 04/13/17
"I think I just saved myself 10 extra dollars." - SoundofThunder00
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Posted: 04/13/17
"Man! You really have to wait for the last second to get this!" - SoundofThunder00
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Posted: 04/10/17
"I have been playing a lot of games like LoL, Rocket League and others. I have fun by doing that and earning points which i have now been able to get the Amazon gift card. I like the auctions that were added to JACT." - FastAsThunder
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Posted: 04/06/17
"I never win anything, so winning was very unexpected. Got the code less than two hours after the entry period ended. Code worked without any issues. Thank you JACT! I will definitely keep using your app!" - Padishar
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Posted: 04/05/17
"Nice." - Bezetto
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Posted: 03/30/17
"Play games for gift cards and other rewards, What's not to like?" - Smokefire
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Posted: 03/29/17
"Wow. The initial test run of the auction went amazing.. I cannot state enough how much I love JACT! Tell yo kids, Tell yo wife, They payin errybody out here!" - fiernocht
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Posted: 03/28/17
"I think JACT is good because its easy to use and gets you free things for just playing games. It is the best thing I ever signed up for. " - michaeldma
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Posted: 03/28/17
"Never thought I could win. Thank u jact u are the best :p" - smok3ris
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Posted: 03/24/17
"I got this cool thing for playing video games, thx!" - ActiveNoob
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Posted: 03/24/17
"I know what you're all thinking. Is this a scam site? Well, I may not seem trustworthy, but I can tell you I was ecstatic to open my package, and find a Steelseries Qck mouse pad! I had no idea what it was, and I wasn't expecting anything, so it was a very pleasant surprise. Even though the mouse pad is cheap, there's $15 I can save to a keyboard instead. Mouse pad feels, looks, and slides great! Thanks JACT!" - Dogie
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Posted: 03/24/17
"Play games you were playing anyways, spend points, win stuff. Piece of cake." - Cujo
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Posted: 03/19/17
"Really good price, by just playing games!" - addison0122
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Posted: 03/17/17
"Totally worth it Kappa" - Iamsogoingtodie
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Posted: 03/14/17
"Not really sure what a Testimonial is, but if it has to do with a rating, then here we go. JACT is a cool site. I find it very nice that people are rewarding others for playing games. Not absolutely sure what JACT gets out of it for the most part, but that doesn't really matter much to me. Anyways, really good site, and nice prizes too." - trickyjet6843
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Posted: 03/12/17
"Never tried beef jerky and surprisingly.... it tastes good. " - Kishin
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Posted: 03/12/17
"First time I won a prize, it really works... Awesome!" - Kishin